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D-Pennut/ Puppies synt./born 29.6.2018.          

7 girls and 3 boys

Out of  Red Jewels Berry Butter & Red Rhythm´s Chilling and Jazzing

Sukutaulu/Pedigree of this litter



   Red Rhythm´s Chilling and Jazzing "Rocco"                 Red Jewels Berry Butter "Sylvi"                   









C-Pennut/ Puppies synt./born 31.8.2016

5 girls and 9 boys

Out of Red Jewels Alicia Keys & Frinan Wonderful Batman

Sukutaulu/Pedigree of this litter



               Frinan Woderful Batman                                         Red Jewels Alicia Keys

Kuvia/ Pictures










B-pennut/Puppies synt./born. 24.12.2014    

 1 girl and 1 boy 

Out of Fansett Unique Jewel + Discovery´s Love of My Heart

Sukutaulu/ Pedigree of this litter 



                  Fansett Unique Jewel
                                               Discovery´s Love of My Heart     









 A-pennut/Puppies  synt./born  26.4.2014 

5 girls and 4 boys

Out of Fansett Quality Jewel + Gwaihir´s Chreigton " Topi"

Sukutaulu / Pedigree of this litter

Kuvia/ Pictures


                       Gwaihir´s Chreigton                                                             Fansett Quality Jewel